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How to move on after a divorce

After going through a divorce in Florida or another state, it may be a good idea to talk with a therapist. Although friends and family members may offer advice, a professional will have the experience and knowledge needed to offer quality insight. It is also generally a good idea to socialize with friends, family members or others with whom an individual enjoys spending time. This may make it easier for people to put some emotional distance between themselves and their exes.

The rise in gray divorces is raising concerns

The divorce rate in Florida and around the country has hovered around 50% for several decades, but the number of divorces involving married couples over the age of 50 has risen sharply and continues to rise. Only one in 10 divorces involved an older couple in 1990, but that percentage has since dramatically risen. This trend is worrying experts because the consequences of what are known as gray divorces can be severe. Older people who divorce often struggle financially, and many of them also develop psychological or health issues.

How attitudes about income affect marriage, divorce

How much income each spouse in earns in a marriage can affect the stability of that marriage in a number of different ways. Women in Florida and around the country are more likely to earn more money than their husbands than in previous decades. Even though this can cause some men to feel insecure and put a strain on the marriage, men may still be hesitant to marry someone whose income is substantially less than theirs. They may be concerned about losing their assets in a divorce.

Helping a child overcome a divorce

Parents in Florida and throughout the country may wonder how the end of their marriage will impact their children. While they may experience a period of sadness or confusion, focusing on kids' needs makes it more likely that they will get past those negative feelings. Ideally, parents will provide a stable environment that puts an emphasis on routine. This can keep a child centered and maintain his or her confidence through a turbulent time.

Compelling reasons for couples to consider prenups

Most Florida couples preparing to head down the aisle together have many things on their to-do lists, from sending out invitations to writing meaningful vows. While it may seem fatalist, including "have a prenuptial agreement drawn up" on that list may provide much-appreciated peace of mind and added financial security for some soon-to-be-spouses. The purpose of such a document is to predetermine what each party would receive or agree to give up in the event that a marriage comes to an unexpected end.

Financial incompatibilities can lead to divorce

Many people in Florida are struggling with massive student loan debt. On average, people who have borrowed student loans owe an outstanding balance of $34,144. For graduates of the class of 2017, that number is even greater, with an average balance of $39,400. Student loan debt is on the rise, and the percentage of people who owe $50,000 or even more has tripled over the past 10 years. Only 22 percent of millennials are debt-free, and student loan debt plays a particularly large role in this debt burden.

How financial issues lead to divorce

For many couples in Florida, issues about money could lead to marital problems. There are several common financial issues that crop up regularly that may result in divorce. For example, poor communication about money is a problem in many relationships. Usually, this only tends to work out when one person trusts his or her spouse to manage the money, although this can cause problems if the money manager dies.

How establishing paternity impacts a parent and child

Florida residents who want to be a part of their child's lives could do so by establishing paternity. What this does is establish that a man is a child's legal parent. In addition to the benefits a parent can gain by taking this step, the child can also benefit as well. The child both knows and can be supported by his or her father, and he or she can learn more about that person's history.

How housework arguments could lead to divorce

Florida couples who argue about the household chores might be more likely to get a divorce than couples who do not. A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that of the couples that split up among the 3,000 in the study, 25 percent said the top reason their marriage ended was because of arguments over housework.

Who decides if a child can play football?

Child custody discussions are one of the most difficult parts of any separation or divorce. Custody discussions aim for a connective thread that allows the parents to work together even though they don't live together. In most cases, one parent has primary custody but both parents have a say about important decisions in their child's life. This includes medical issues, religion, schools and more. The parent with primary physical custody makes decisions about day-to-day matters like extra-curricular activities.

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