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March 2018 Archives

Studies show credit card debt is on the rise

Credit card debt may have risen over the last year for some people in Florida. A study by WalletHub found that in 2017, credit card debt nationwide rose by $92.2 billion and reached its highest levels since before the Great Recession in 2007. Much of that increase happened in the final quarter of the year when the additional $67.6 billion in debt represented the highest increase in a single quarter in 30 years. The Federal Reserve estimates that the total national credit card debt is around $1 trillion.

Who decides if a child can play football?

Child custody discussions are one of the most difficult parts of any separation or divorce. Custody discussions aim for a connective thread that allows the parents to work together even though they don't live together. In most cases, one parent has primary custody but both parents have a say about important decisions in their child's life. This includes medical issues, religion, schools and more. The parent with primary physical custody makes decisions about day-to-day matters like extra-curricular activities.

Can employers exhibit age discrimination in job advertising?

You may have heard of age discrimination in the workplace. But what about age discrimination in a job vacancy announcement? That’s the allegation behind a new class-action lawsuit, which claims that certain large employers are unfairly using Facebook ad targeting to zero in on younger job applicants.

Harassment and discrimination complaints often lead to retaliation charges

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are old problems, dating back decades if not centuries. The #MeToo movement has called attention to sexual harassment with several high-profile examples that range from Hollywood to news personalities and politicians. The problem affects women in all career fields whether they are executives or cashiers.

Estate plans are essential for parents of children with disabilities

Parenting requires complex multitasking: an ability to work in the present while looking at the big picture ahead. Whether changing diapers, coordinating extracurricular activities, saving for college or helping a special needs child navigate the educational system, a parent needs to be thinking about the long-term welfare of their children at the same time they meet daily needs.

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