Mr. Castrataro Comments on Proposition 8

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Attorney George Castrataro released a comment on yesterday's decision by a Federal District Court to overturn California's discriminatory "Proposition 8″ amendment passed into law by referendum last year.

The decision should send a strong message that the improper use of legal mechanisms (like referendums) to promote discrimination will never succeed. The ruling prohibits the application or enforcement of Proposition 8 as it violates both the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the US Constitution.

Despite being one of two known openly gay federal judges, Judge Walker rendered an unquestionably sound legal opinion based upon the facts of the case. Unfortunately, this will certainly not mark an end to the debate of Proposition 8 and it is likely that this matter will see itself to the US Supreme Court. We can only hope that the appeals court will continue to fairly and properly enforce our rights under the US Constitution.

Today represents a monumental leap in overcoming discrimination and promoting equal rights.

Mr Castrataro's remarks appeared in the  South Florida Gay News, along with reactions from other prominent members of the community. Click the image to view more: