Legal Solutions That Fit Your Family, From A Firm Committed To Serving The LGBT Community

At The Law Offices of George Castrataro, P.A., our attorneys understand that most of our clients want the same things: healthy finances, strong families and justice in the legal system. We also know that these needs have gone unmet for many gay, lesbian and transgender individuals in Fort Lauderdale and throughout southern Florida.

We are dedicated to helping all of our clients achieve their goals within the appropriate legal framework, even when it takes a bit of extra work and creativity. We help them resolve issues of:

  • Separation — Gay divorce cannot exist without legal gay marriage, so same-sex couples ending a long-term relationship have to do so without the legal framework and guidance of divorce. We work with adults in domestic partnerships and other relationships who need to protect their rights during this difficult time.
  • Property division — Florida law sets out guidelines for the division of finances and property during a divorce. However, when a couple is not legally married they have less guidance. If you are ending a relationship and have concerns about whether you can keep your house or other property, we can help.
  • Gay marriage — While gay marriage is not yet legal in Florida, steps can be taken to provide same-sex couples some of the protections offered under marriage. We can create domestic partnership agreements and relationship agreements, contracts similar to prenuptial agreements that will protect you and your family.
  • Estate planning — LGBT couples have the right to protect their assets and plan for their future and the future of their families. We can assist with the creation of wills, trusts and other estate planning tools.

Contact Us

For respectful, experienced representation in the matters that affect the state's LGBT individuals, we encourage you to contact us at 954-573-1444. Even if you are not planning to end a relationship or adopt a child in the near future, meeting with a lawyer to have your questions answered can be extremely beneficial.