Starting Over After Bankruptcy

People often misunderstand the effect that filing for bankruptcy can have on their lives. They believe they will never be able to get a credit card again, or never buy a house. This is not the case. Bankruptcy is meant to brighten the horizon, not darken it. Credit can be reestablished after bankruptcy.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to help people find debt relief and get a fresh start. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your financial situation, the attorneys at The Law Offices of George Castrataro, P.A., can help you explore whether bankruptcy could help you avoid adverse consequences.

Divorce, job loss, illness, disability and business failure are common circumstances that lead people to seek debt relief. Unexpected medical costs or out-of-control credit card debt can quickly overwhelm an individual or family. Bankruptcy is a safe and equitable solution. You can start again, and we can help with reorganizing or restructuring your debt.

We Can Help You Start Fresh

Bankruptcy laws exist to help people like you get the relief they need. Our knowledgeable attorneys file hundreds of cases per year and guide clients through the process of attaining debt forgiveness through the bankruptcy process that is right for them depending on their individual circumstances.

The United States Bankruptcy Code is broken down into chapters. We can explain how these laws apply to your specific circumstances and help you effectively eliminate your debt. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, trust your case to a lawyer who will handle your case properly the first time.

Get Started On The Path To A Brighter Future

You owe it to yourself to come in to take the first step towards a clean slate: Call us at 954-573-2003 or email us to arrange a free consultation in our offices to discuss the legal options for your specific situation.