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How can online gaming turn into an expensive habit?

You might find it fun and relaxing to unwind with the latest candy-crushing or zombie-killing app on your phone or tablet. For most people, playing games online is a harmless way to pass a little time. However, for some Fort Lauderdale residents, an innocent game can turn into an addiction that drains their bank accounts and results in unforeseen debt.

How does this happen? Many online game apps are free or cost only a couple of dollars. It should seem harmless to download an app like this and only play for an hour or so each day, and limit the amount you spend on power-ups and other game bonuses. However, this is how the game companies make their money. By offering small, low-cost extras in a game that is otherwise free or very cheap, they can suck in people who have become addicted to the games or, at the very least, are willing to pay some extra money now and then to pass a difficult level.

These small charges can add up quickly, leaving you wondering how your credit card was maxed out or your checking account was overdrawn. According to Help Guide, a gaming problem might also cause problems in your relationship and job – which could further add to your financial stress. If you have a problem with online gaming, especially if it takes up a great deal of your time every day and drains your finances, you might need to seek professional help to turn things around. This could include going to a support group, getting therapy or being treated with antidepressants.

The next step in dealing with a gaming problem is to address the debt it may have caused. You might consider bankruptcy if your financial issues are overwhelming. Filing for bankruptcy may give you a fresh start and make your monthly bills easier to pay, which in turn could reduce depression and the impulse to rely on gaming as a stress reliever. This information, however, should not be taken as legal advice.

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