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June 2016 Archives

The power of the automatic stay

You are considering filing bankruptcy. You cannot meet all of your financial obligations and the creditors collecting the debt are making your life a living hell. Of course, you have done some research on your own and talked to a couple family members about help.

Is there as bad a stigma to bankruptcy as you would think?

The past few years have not been easy for many Fort Lauderdale residents. Even with the recession over, countless families in Florida and across the country continue to feel the pinch of tightened wallets, foreclosure and unemployment. If you are one of those considering filing for personal bankruptcy, you might have heard all kinds of horror stories about how this is a terrible decision for your long-term financial welfare.

An overview of unfair debt collection practices in Florida

Overspending, medical emergencies, the loss of a job and any other number of factors may cause people throughout Florida to fall behind on their bills. Often, this results in them being contacted by debt collectors. While it is the job of these agents to obtain payments, there are limits to what they can do in order to get what is owed.