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May 2016 Archives

The basics of a no-contact order

Whether you are deciding to have a no contact order issued against someone, or someone has, or plans to issue a no-contact order against you, there is a lot at stake. A no-contact order is often referred to as a restraining order and it restricts various forms of contact between two people.

Should I take advantage of that transfer offer?

You see them all the time – offers from credit card companies that give you zero percent interest if you transfer your current credit card balance over. It sounds like a great opportunity to clear off some of your credit card debt and get your finances in better order, right? However, before you pick up your phone and dial that number, or fill out the form, you should carefully consider the pros and cons.

New survey looks at credit card debt and savings

Credit cards can be a valuable tool to have on hand for many people in Florida but they can also cause a lot of problems. It can be tempting for people to use their credit cards to pay for gas, groceries, living expenses and even large-scale purchases, but they must remember that they will have to pay that debt off and it doesn’t take long for the balance due to get out of control.