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November 2015 Archives

Did Black Friday spending put your credit cards in the red?

You can take advantage of the best deals retailers ever offer on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Word such as "BOGO," "up to 75 percent off," "first 100 customers," "while supplies last" and "free shipping" can draw you in.

Survey: Many Americans expect significant debt increase from holiday spending

The expectation is one of joy and good cheer, but for many Americans the overwhelming reality about the holidays is stress about money. While the holidays are a great time to be with loved ones and ring in the New Year, things tend to be more complicated when you're having financial troubles.

Store credit lines are not the same as traditional cards

There is not one standard way for people who live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to handle credit card debt. Some use the cards for rewards and pay them off each month, while others use a credit line to fill in the gaps left by an insufficient paycheck. When it comes to store credit cards, the purpose may be a discount on a purchase, but there are other factors to consider, as well.

Does filing for bankruptcy destroy your credit?

If you are struggling with debt in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you may be reluctant to consider filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy because of the impact you believe it will have on your credit report. It is true that bankruptcy is a negative mark that remains on your report for 10 years. However, it does not mean that you will be unable to get a loan for a house or a car, or receive a credit card, during that time. Rebuilding credit may not be as difficult as you think.