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Did medical issues lead to your financial problems?

No one ever expects to need to file a bankruptcy. Most people go along in their daily life thinking that bankruptcy happen because people made poor choices, spent too much, failed to save and used their credit cards too much.

And then something happens.

They are injured, maybe on a weekend, playing with their kids, while they are out riding a bike, or maybe just driving to the store. They are hurt. Bad. Or maybe they don't feel good one day and wind up going to the emergency room. They have a serious, chronic condition that demands surgery or other expensive treatment.

Suddenly they are hit with $10,000, $20,000 or $100,000 in medical bills. Like many Florida residents, they lack insurance, or what insurance they have is quickly exhausted.

They can't work, so their income suffers a significant cut, as their spouse is now carrying the entire family. They use credit cards to cover bills. They fall behind on the mortgage. Collection calls and notices pile up unopened.

They run out of options and foreclosure is threatened. Their entire life is collapsing around them. And that's when they start researching bankruptcy.

A recent study looking at the four largest states found that Texas and Florida rank first and second with uninsured workers, and almost 40 percent of Floridians with insurance reported they have had problems affording medical care.

Health insurance can still be so expensive that many must forgo it, or the plan they can afford is so limited that they still can be quickly overwhelmed by medical debt. If this describes your situation, you should look into bankruptcy before your finances have deteriorated to the point where you could lose your home and everything you have worked for., "Medical debt burden higher in Texas and Florida," April 17, 2015

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